A Fasting Diabetic's Experience


To All my Respected Fellow Diabetics in Islam
My name is Ismail Badat from South Africa and I would like to share my personal fasting experience as a Diabetic.I have been a diabetic for about twenty-one years and on insulin for about twelve. I have been able, with the fadhl of Allah T'alaa, to fast without any difficulty at all. I have been able to manage in the following way :
 1.  I take a slightly increased dose of  quick-acting insulin (Novo Rapid in my case) at Iftaar because we do tend to indulge for this meal.
2.  At sehri I take another small dose of Quick-acting Insulin (about one-third my normal dose - to avoid a high.
Since I skip the mid-day dose, my overall intake of Novo Rapid is reduced. I make this up by increasing the long acting Insulin, in my case Protaphane, by about 30%.
3.  Instead of taking 30 units at bedtime, I take 20units of Protaphane at bedtime (together with 10 units of Novo Rapid if I have a snack after taraweeh).
4.  Finally I have another 20 units of Protaphane together with +/- 10 units of Novo Rapid at sehri time.
With the Fadhl of Allah T'alaa the above has been working like charm for me. TRY IT WITH A PIOUS MUSLIM DOCTOR'S CONSULTATION AND ADVICE.
IMPORTANT - Blood sugar levels have to be monitored mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
Over the years only on two occasions did I feel weak and somewhat shaky. I immediately had myself taken to my family doctor who gave me an intra-veanous GLUCOSE injection and I was normal within minutes - no danger.


normal  /   ramadhan 


normal  /  ramadhan

supper / iftaar
nil               nil 
24 u             30u
30u             20u                    10u
breafast  /  sehri
nil               20u
24u              10u
nil                nil
24u               nil
 TOTAL 30u     //     40u72u    //       50u
Protaphane is increased from 30 to 40 units per day and Novo Rapid is decreased fron 72 to 50 units per day.
PLEASE NOTE: This is not meant to be a MEDICAL PRESCRIPTION. It has worked for me and Insha-Allah with the MERCY OF ALLAH and your Doctor's advice, it may assist you to be a part of the fasting ummah during the month of Ramadhaan.
Hope this information can be helpful to some-one. ALLAH HAFIZ.
By Ismail Badat ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  )
Courtesy: www.everymuslim.net                                             ?                                    
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